Our Clients Inspire Us!

Each week our home health aides share inspiring stories about the clients they care. Here is just one example of what amazing individuals we have the pleasure of working for.

Laverne Onefur has the ability to light up a room with her beautiful smile.  Although her ability to speak is challenged from her stroke, she remains undaunted.  She enjoys being surrounded by color and beauty and has made it a mission to create beauty and share kindness wherever she goes.

When Laverne was younger she enjoyed playing the piano, baking, sewing, and serving her church.  She made dresses, tablecloths, aprons, etc.  She made all of her daughter’s clothes; even her prom dress and a dress for school chorus recitals. She served her church in several capacities.  In fact, as a result of her involvement in the church she spent two years in India.

In 2012 Laverne had a stroke.  She became deeply ill.  The doctor’s described her as “failure to thrive”.  Thankfully, she rallied and now lives in the moment.  Every day is a new day and there are no regrets.  Laverne will try anything with childlike faith. Her daughter, Linda, describes Laverne as being very nosy now.  Laverne confirmed her daughter’s comment with her affectionate “Yes, yes, yes!”.  Laverne’s biggest challenge after her stroke is communication, but one of the most fascinating things about Laverne is how she is an over-comer!  She is right handed and her stroke affected her right side; she has learned to use her left hand instead.  She paints with her left hand, makes jewelry with beads, paints ceramics, feeds the ducks, plays connect four and war, and  plays bingo. She enjoys baking now with a little help and is happy to eat any leftover cake batter!  She practices working on her handwriting on a routine basis.  She is very determined and inspiring.

Laverne is very compassionate toward others without words.  In her community, she will pat someones hand, or hold their hand, and gives off such positive energy and encouragement for others with her beautiful smile and huge heart. Bayshore’s caregivers are delighted to be able to work with her.

Her greatest accomplishments are her 2 children.  Now she has 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. The advice she would give to the next generation is “live in the moment”, “don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday, enjoy each moment, life is short”.

written by: Mary Ellen Gilbert