You’re Not Alone

Being a caregiver is tough. The constant stress and worry about your loved one is enough to put you over the edge, never mind the other parts of your life like work, your children and relationships with friends and significant others. Caregivers often find themselves just trying to make it through while their lives are over-loaded with commitments. One study states that 20-60% of all caregivers experience depression. This depression is often caused by caregivers neglecting their own emotional and physical needs in an effort to ensure their loved one receives the care and attention they desire. While putting their own needs aside, caregivers begin to feel isolated. These feelings of isolation only increase the intensity of depression in caregivers. One way to combat these feelings is to join a support group. Although it can be intimidating at first, the benefits of support groups for caregivers are immeasurable. In these groups you will meet people who can empathize with you because their struggles are very similar to yours. You will also learn tactics for dealing with feelings of depression. Click here to find support groups near you.