What type of caregiver are you?

Working with Senior’s and their families we have found caregivers of all kinds. From grandchildren to neighbors, soup to nuts. There are many resources availale for caregivers especially, of the babyboomer generation.  As a whole, most people would agree that today’s population of family caregivers are women in their early 60s or spouses in their 70-80s.

However, we are finding more and more that while this population of caregivers is surely large, there are many other demographics of family members and friends whom have taken on this role and there are not enough resources  for these unconventional good samaratins.

A general, unscientific, poll  of students in Pinellas County schools found that a large majority of students stated they serve a caregiver role for one or more family members living in their home.

To better serve the needs of our community, we ask you… What type of caregiver are you? Post your comments below. Share your story with us !