The surprising valentine’s gift most seniors want

In a recent poll of individuals over age 65, one-third of seniors asked, said they would rather swap their Valentine’s dinner for a piece of new technology. The number one reason why seniors want to take a more active roll with technology stems from their desire to connect with loved ones.  Of this group of seniors longing to create digital connections, many are also eager to have a go-to tech person that can show them the ropes so to speak.

While Bayshore is strictly a provider of home care services, we have heard this desire among our own patients to connect with their families via technology. Our caregivers have had the joy of helping several of our clients learn to use video chat/ Facetime, and even send and receive photo text messages. In fact, just last week our after-hours service coordinator, Melanie was able to speak to a client via Facetime in-order to communicate clear instructions. Thanks to the help of our staff and caregivers, we have been able to keep families closer by safely utilizing technology.

Bask Technology, Inc., a provider of managed tech services for seniors, recently conducted a survey that also found that a lack of technology know-how limits seniors’ use of digital devices and online communication tools to connect with loved ones, family and friends. This study also found that nearly 50% of seniors polled would consider a video call from a loved one a loving gesture.

Share the gift of connection with your senior loved one this Valentines Day. Seeing the smile on their face will put a smile on yours.