Summer of Fun for Seniors

If you’re caring for a senior this summer and need some ideas for activities here you go!
1. Water Aerobics: Most community recreation centers have a pool that is open to residents. You can create an aerobics class of your own or attend one at the local YMCA.
2. Invite Friends Over: Although your loved one may not always be up for it, having a couple of friends over for a short period of time can be great for everyone. Socialization helps reduce feelings of loneliness and depression in seniors.
3. Read Outside: Reading is a favorite pastime for many seniors. Why not get a change of scenery and some fresh air while enjoying the newest thriller or one of your favorite classics?
4. Field Trip: Getting out of the house and changing the daily routine can be great for seniors. Try taking your loved one to visit a local museum, theater, or go see a movie.
5. Storytelling: Some seniors are shy but, like everyone else, most open up when they’re asked direct questions. Ask the senior in your life about their favorite summer activities. You may discover you have more in common than you think.

If your summer is packed but you’re worried about your loved one Bayshore Home Care can help. We will provide home health aide services for the senior in your life to make sure they have an enjoyable summer. Our caregivers can provide transportation for elderly, ensuring that they are able to attend their favorite events and partake in the activities they enjoy most. Home health care agencies specialize in “eldercare services”, meaning that their staff is full of skilled, and trained home health aides who have a heart for seniors. At Bayshore, we provide in home senior services that are customized to each client’s unique needs. So relax, enjoy your summer and know that your loved one is enjoying their summer too!