Three Secrets to Health and Happiness After 70

If you or one of your loved ones has recently transitioned into their 7th decade (or beyond) it’s important to know what to do (or not do) to remain happy, healthy, and thriving.


Keep moving– seniors who remain active are able to stay young physically in addition to remaining young at heart. For more reasons on the benefits of staying active click here. Staying active can take the form of daily walks, joining a senior athletic team, silver sneakers, water aerobics, yoga and much more. In addition to keeping seniors physically active these group activities allow seniors to stay socially engaged.

Be mindful of meals– Ensuring proper nutrition is key in having a healthy mind and body. Meal times can become increasingly difficult as we age. Meal times can bring up feelings of loneliness and depression for seniors who have recently lost a loved one. This causes many seniors to rely on processed, canned and frozen meals that do not adequately meet their nutrition needs. To see how to create a balanced diet check out this article.

Avoid falls– After age 50 bones become increasingly weak making the possibility of breaking or fracturing bones sky rocket. When seniors have a fall that results in a serious injury, recovery can be very difficult. To reduce your risk of falls check out these fall prevention tips! Some simple tips to increase home safety include: removing throw rugs, ensuring proper lighting in hallways, keeping walkways clear of clutter and installing grab bars in restrooms.