Preserving Easter Traditions With Family During COVID-19

The term, ‘Alone -Together’, that was birthed out of our recent pandemic is in no way comforting. However, it perfectly describes our experience. As an essential business caring for the aging population in Tampa Bay, we hear the concerns of our clients who are wondering how they will celebrate the spring holidays. Our staff are communicating with our clients and their families about their concerns and if you are feeling especially uneasy about how to honor your family and religious traditions during this season; we have a few recommendations.

1. Keep your traditional routine.

If you had always attended a sunrise service or went out for brunch; do something as similar as possible. Tune into an online sunrise service, make a delicious brunch at home, decorate cookies etc.

2. Share the meal in a new way.

If you have family and friends nearby, split up the holiday menu. Each person can make a dish. Drop your dishes off at one anthers door steps and brighten each other’s day with a friendly hello from the side of the road.

3. Show your elders that you are keeping the traditions.

Call or video chat with your elderly family members and tell them how you are honoring the family and religious traditions. This will honor them, the family history and will make them proud!

We wish everyone good health as you honor this holiday season in a new way.