A Note to the Sandwich Generation on Elder Care in Pasco County

I can hardly believe we are in the middle of February 2014. Don’t you feel like your calendar is already overflowing with things to get done each week? For those like me, in the Sandwich Generation (raising children and caring for older family members at the same time), I want to share some words of advice. Start planning NOW for the back-up you will undoubtedly need this year. Before we know it, we will have a long “to-do” list of things we want to accomplish this year and an equally long list of daily tasks that seem to get in the way. Simplify what you can now and spend your time where it matters most.

A family crisis this last year has really driven home the lesson for me that nothing is more important than spending time with your loved ones. If you can find ways to maximize your time with them, you will all be better for it. That means not overloading yourselves with the tasks you have to do for each other and actually spending time together that nourishes your relationships.

So, please forget making a long list of resolutions that will only weigh you down and just answer these 5 questions:

1)      Am I trying to take care of everyone in my life and everything they need by myself?

2)      Are there areas where I can regularly let go of some daily tasks and allow others to help me?

3)      If something happened to me where I was unable to fulfill all my responsibilities (ie. getting sick or going out of town), who can I trust to be there for my loved ones?

4)      How much better would my time be spent with family and friends if my “to-do” list wasn’t so long?

5)      What is most important to me and the people I love?

The answers to those questions will guide you in how to make significant changes in 2014 that will benefit you and your family and friends.

By: Christine Hamacher, Community Outreach Specialist