Making Exercise Enjoyable

If you’re like me, now that it’s mid January you are beginning to lack enthusiasm for carrying out your New Year’s resolutions. If getting in better shape is one of your goals for the year I hope you can find some encouragement in the tips below on how to liven up your workout routine.

  1. Bring a Friend- Everything, including exercising is more fun when doing it with someone you love spending time with. Exercising with a friend is also a great way to multi-task, socialize and get in shape at the same time! Having a friend hold you accountable for exercising is also key to reaching your fitness goals.
  2. Group Fitness- If you’re new in town or have friends that aren’t into working out, group classes are a great option.  In addition to the motivation that comes from exercising with a large group, these classes also provide variation so you never get bored. Some popular group exercise classes include; yoga, Pilates, Zumba, spinning and BodyPump. Many fitness facilities offer multiple types of group exercise classes.
  3. Take a Lesson- Take a lesson in a sport you have always wanted to try like tennis. You will learn something new and burn calories!
  4. Have a Field Day- Organize a day at a park (or indoor recreational facility) for all of your friends and family to gather together and be active. Field days can be incredible fun and will give everyone something to talk about for months down the road. Some games that are great for groups are; kickball, ultimate Frisbee, tug-of-war, softball, basketball, and capture the flag.


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