In a League of Their Own…

The nurses of Bayshore bring heart and hustle

As the only private home care agency in Tampa Bay with 6* full-time supervisory nurses, Bayshore has reached unparelled heights in patient care. While The State only requires one nursing supervisor to oversee the care being provided by trained home health aides, Bayshore broke the mold from it’s inception 28 years ago. Each client of Bayshore receives the peace of mind of knowing they have a nurse on their side to offer advice, safety, healthcare supervision, and crisis prevention.

In honor of National Nurses Week, we want to thank our nursing team for the priceless gift they give to each of the clients we serve.

Going to bat for our clients. In addition to Bayshore’s traditional home health aide services, our nurses provide the following:

Medication Management Services

  • Weekly visit to fill medication box
  • Manage prescriptions and verify with physicians
  • Communicate with physicians regarding client’s medical status
  • Uphold safety and medial compliance, reduce hospitalizations

Skilled Nursing Vists

  • Wellness assessment
  • Post hospital assessment
  • Communicate status & recommendations to concerned Family

Case Management

  • Wellness visits to monitor health and safety
  • Recommendations for additional support services as needed
  • Status updates given to family members, physicians or trusted partners as requested.
  • Consult with client’s physician or family to address health concerns
  • Facilitate referrals to supportive community services
  • Coordinate multiple healthcare services for clients’s comfort and safety

* Not all six nurses are pictured