Intervention- The earlier the better

Many of us are concerned for the safety of an elderly friend or family member in our lives, but aren’t sure where to start in order to gain peace of mind for yourself while ensuring your loved one is not suffering from self-neglect or is at risk for a health crisis.

Below we will discuss 2  areas where you can softly intervene in order to bring balance back into the life of the senior you may be concerned for.

Interpersonal Intervention– In order to  reduce the risk of depression and anxiety some simple improvements in the senior’s interpersonal relationships can go a long way. Enhancing their social network and support network can bring improvements to communication, mood and general outlook. Consider having set dates that you will visit your loved one at regular frequency or speak to other family members about making sure your loved one is visited for a social call several times per week. Private duty home care agencies are also skilled in providing for the social and emotional needs of their elderly clients.

Safety Intervention – Early intervention involving the safety of the home can help your elderly loved one reclaim their sense of safety and independence. A qualified senior care nurse or Geriatric Care Manager can perform an in-home safety evaluation and make recommendations to the senior about areas of risk and needs for improvement. Bayshore Home Care will perform an in-home safely evaluation for any of their clients and potential clients upon request.