Seniors: The Forgotten Victims of the Real Estate Crisis

With the ongoing decline in home sales, many seniors are finding they cannot afford to move into assisted living or retirement communities while their homes are sitting on the market. Finance savvy seniors have found an economical solution to this quandary.

With the elderly holding tighter to their retirement savings, seniors have begun hiring private-duty home health agencies to help them remain independent in their own home until it has sold. Once the home is sold they can make the larger investment of moving into a retirement or assisted living community.

Many seniors are opting to pay out-of –pocket for private-duty home health services while they await the sale of their home. “Most of our clients hire us to assist them a few hours a day with daily activities like preparing meals, providing transportation, companionship, bathing and dressing,” said Marci Sadorf , Registered Nurse with Bayshore Health and Homemaker Services Inc. in Largo. “Most of our senior community is very independent and is not in need of full time assistance. Just a few hours of help here and there can keep them safe and feeling independent in their own home until it sells.”

Bayshore Health and Homemaker Services is a fully licensed, bonded and insured home health agency serving the needs of seniors throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Bayshore has been in business as a family owned company since 1986.