Home Care Vs. Other Senior Living Options

Home Health Care in Pinellas County, Clearwater, Florida

The decision to “age in place” at home vs. downsizing and moving to a senior care community is often unclear for many families. The emotional toll it takes on the senior and their family to monitor the care going on in the home can be taxing while the mental, emotional and physical effort it takes to move out of the long-time home can be quite unsettling.

While each set of circumstances differs, there are a few criteria that can help families make a more informed decision. Cost, acuity of the health concern, proximity to friends or family, and desires of the senior are four criteria that should be strongly considered. “What will life look like if Mom stays in her home with the appropriate amount of help?” Questions like this are important to discuss with trusted family and friends.

  1. COST

After all four of the criteria have been carefully considered, the decision will hopefully become clearer. Often, families opt for a gradual approach while health concerns may help make the decision for you. A senior healthcare expert can help point you in the right direction and often, this advice is free of charge if you are willing to put in the time to do your homework. Most home care agencies as well as assisted living communities have senior care liaisons who are happy to meet with you and discuss costs and care options at no cost. At Bayshore, we enlist skilled nurses to meet with seniors and their families free of charge as we know this decision may often require medical knowledge of the aging process as well as knowledge of medications and disease processes.

Any reputable home care agency or assisted living community will do their best to assess your needs before accepting you as a client/new resident. If a company is quick to accept you without knowledge of your loved one’s physical and emotional needs, tread lightly. Senior care is a big business. If you do not feel that you are getting individualized attention from the onset, it may be time to look elsewhere.

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