Give the gift of a healthy HEART this Valentine’s Day!

It’s impossible to get through the month of February without thinking about hearts. Thanks to Valentine’s Day, we’re inundated with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and cards. But candy hearts aren’t the only thing people should be concerned with this month. February is American Heart Month, and it’s a good time for yourself and your senior loved ones thinking about how to best care for their hearts.

Eat Your Heart Healthy

One of the best ways for seniors to treat their hearts right is to eat right. Tho who want to make a tasty treat while staying heart-conscious should try some heart-healthy recipes like the following:

Helping seniors stick to healthy eating habits can be difficult. Research recipe sites like and for dishes that are low in sodium and fat, or adapt thier favorite recipes with an eye on cutting down on butter, salt, and cholesterol. For some healthy substitutions, try the following:

  • When your recipe calls for butter, margarine, or oil, use baby prunes instead. (Best used in brownies or dark breads.)
  • Instead of sour cream, try low-fat yogurt & cottage cheese. (Puree for best consistency.)
  • Use lean ground turkey as opposed to ground beef.
  • Evaporated milk cuts down on fat and calories while giving you the taste and consistency of heavy cream.
  • Opt for fresh herbs, not seasoned salt.
  • Use egg substitutes instead of whole eggs to cut back on cholesterol.

 This information was provided by the National Private Duty Assoc.