Gift ideas for your elderly loved one

Need some ideas to get your elderly loved for the holidays? We’ve compiled a list of winning ideas that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your aging family members. This list is ideal for home-bound seniors or those over the age of 75. All of these items can be purchased from online retailers.

  1. Digital photo frame that automatically downloads photos from family member’s phone.
  2. Fleece shawl with pockets
  3. Anti-slip, fuzzy slipper socks
  4. Pedometer ( some watches come with heart rate monitors as well as pedometers)
  5. Wireless, remote control, electrical outlets
  6. Reacher Grabber
  7. Window-mount bird feeder
  8. Telescopic, magnetic flash light
  9. Easy grip jar opener
  10. Potted plants

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