Five big things the COVID-19 vaccine will do

The impacts of the COVID-19 will be felt in sweeping strokes throughout our communities.

  1.  Holiday gatherings will be restored between family and friends.
  2.  Mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence will be not quite so easily hidden when we begin to emerge from our four walls and begin to interact with our community again.
  3. Our neighborhoods and towns will thrive again when public transportation, small businesses and tourism are back in action.
  4. We can enjoy sports the way they were meant to be watched; from the stands, the bar or shared around a TV with friends.
  5. Restore the unspoken personal connections we, as humans, need for our emotional health. Hugs, handshakes and high fives leave impacts felt deep within us all.

Let’s restore our community, our connections and our health

For those of you who are choosing to get the COVID -19 vaccination, we thank you!

As a home healthcare agency serving seniors in Tampa Bay, we could not be happier that our seniors are getting access to the vaccine. And thanks to recent updates, our staff members now have access to the COVID-19 vaccine as well. Positive change for our community is coming.

Our moto among our staff members for several years has been, “We’re part of ONE team”. Those words have never held more meaning than now. We are all part of the solution to care for our community.