Many seniors experience difficulty getting around independently. Mobility aids for seniors can offer stability and support. If a senior is unstable performing motions like sitting down or walking, it is essential to find mobility aids that fit their needs and ensure their safety. Approximately 1/3 of older people living at home fall at least once a year. It’s common for seniors to need mobility aids for safety and support.

Common Mobility Aids for Getting Around
For seniors living at home and maintaining a high level of independence,
common mobility aids are simply designed to help them get around.
Options include:

  • Canes: Designed to increase stability and compensate for minimal balance issues
  • Walkers: Help support those with significant stability problems but moderate upper body strength
  • Rollators: For those with severe stability issues who lack upper body strength and balance
  • Power Scooters: Support those who cannot walk long distances but have upper body control and stamina
  • Wheelchairs: Offer mobility to those unable to walk safely on their own. Variations of steering ability are available.                (Aging Care)

Mobility Aids for a Safer Home Environment
Some mobility aids aren’t designed to support long-range motion. Instead,
they make the home environment safer and increase independence with
specific tasks. Improve home safety and mobility by installing:

• Rails along stairs, near bathroom fixtures, in hallways, etc.
• Tub/bath transfer seats or benches
• Supportive seat cushions
• Grab handles for getting in/out of a car, bed, couch, or chair
• Rolling over-bed or over-couch tables
• Additional lighting or voice command lighting to improve visibility
• Non-slip flooring that is securely tacked down
• Stairlift
• Ramps to replace stairs

Ordering and

Paying for Mobility Aids
Insurance companies, as well as some grant or senior care nonprofits, may help cover the costs
of mobility aids. Ask your doctor or your nurse at Bayshore Home Care for input and advise. If you need additional assistance with ordering a mobility aid, Bayshore can handle all of the logistics through our Support Services and Nursing Case Management Services (fees apply).