Are “what ifs” keeping you up at night?

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash


“Dad, please keep your cell phone on so that I can call to check on you”. Mom, I really worry when you try to mop the floor yourself. You could slip.” Many adult children have had these concerns for their elderly parents.  The concern of the adult child is often valid and the supposed stubbornness of the senior is unwavering. So how can this frustration be resolved?

As home health care providers for more than 30 years, we have seen this dynamic played out thousands of times. The root of these parent/ child conflicts lies in the “what ifs”. For the adult child, they worry, “What if mom falls”. For the parent, “What if I lose my independence”.  Both parties are losing sleep over these legitimate concerns and for many families, worry turns into anger, resentment and even a breakdown in communication all together.

With situations as delicate as this, we have seen the enormous impact that a trusted third-party can bring to the table.  If you are an adult child, your concerns may be falling on deaf ears due to the parent/child dynamic. However, contacting a trusted senior care expert can take you out of the boxing match and back into position as son or daughter.

As a home care agency in Tampa Bay Florida we are blessed to know a myriad of physicians, attorneys, financial advisors and geriatric care managers that have exceptional reputations as advocates, guides and trusted counsel for seniors. And as a locally owed home care agency for over 30 years, we ourselves have taken on the role as an advocate for our clients’ safety as well as independence. Bayshore’s team of skilled nurses are experts in fall prevention, home safety and proper ways to manage medications. If you are finding that your parents are frustrated with your concerns for their safety, consider reaching out to one of these professionals to have those conversions with your parents. If you need assistance finding a trusted advisor, contact us and we will be happy to connect you with a senior care professional in Pinellas, Pasco or Hillsborough counties.