Answers to Your Aging Care Questions

A question from one of our readers: My father was recently hospitalized after a fall resulting in a hip fracture. He is still fairly young, only 72, and has been healthy up until now so I’m unsure of what I need to do to care for him while he is in the hospital. I would appreciate any pointers you can give me.

Sorry to hear about your father. Know that he is in good hands at the hospital. It can be overwhelming to be thrown into an unfamiliar situation like this. As your father’s caregiver there are many things you can do to ease the difficulty of this time in your life and much of it has to do with getting prepared for what is next.

 Establish open communication with the hospital staff                                                               You will no doubt have lots of questions for the doctor and nurses.

Discuss living arrangements for during and after his recovery
Will your father need to stay in a rehabilitation facility? Perhaps it is no longer safe for him to live at home alone, in which case he will need an assisted living facility or around the clock care at home. Bayshore can put you in touch with a senior resource advisor to discuss living options for your father.

Learn about their medication and equipment needs, post-hospital
Will he need special equipment, medication or professional care?

Make sure legal documents are in order                                                                                      Power of Attorney, Legal Guardianship, Advanced Directives – the legalese can be confusing and overwhelming but it is necessary to make sure this paperwork is complete. If you’re not sure who to contact to get these documents in order, Bayshore can put you in contact with an Edler Law Attorney near you.

Find out more about your parents’ medical condition.                                                           Knowledge is power. Learn all you can about your fathers condition and what you can do to aide in his recovery. Start by asking a social worker at the hospital for educational materials.

Get support for yourself                                                                                                                   Caring for an aging parent is difficult but you are not alone! You may find it helpful to join a support group.

Thanks for submitting your question to us. We hope your father has a full and quick recovery!

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