What are ADL’s? And why do they matter so much?

ADLs are the “Activities of Daily Living” or personal care activities. In the healthcare industry, professionals use ADLs as a tool to determine the care needs of a patient. These are the primary tasks necessary to get one’s self ready for the day independently. They include: eating, bathing, dressing/grooming, toileting, and transferring (getting up from a bed or chair).As people age they usually begin to have trouble with one or more of the ADLs.
IADLs or “Instrumental Activities of Daily Living” include things like cooking, driving, shopping, managing medication and managing finances. These are the secondary activities that are necessary for independent living.
When seniors begin to have trouble completing some of these activities on their own it is a sign that it may be time to enlist the help of outside help. While an Assisted Living Community is an option, more and more seniors are opting to have assistance brought to them in the comfort of their own home. This help usually comes from private duty home care agencies. These agencies provide professionals in the form of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Home Health Aides (HHAs) to help with all ADLs, both primary and secondary.
When is it time to get help?
It’s best to start looking for help and introducing your loved one to the idea of home health care when they begin having difficulty with any one of the ADLs. Being proactive and getting help when your loved one only begins to experience trouble will help prevent a future crisis or emergency.
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