The 4 People You Need to Meet

Do you have a personal advisory board? In recent years several entrepreneurs, speakers and successful philanthropists have touted the benefits of assembling a small, intimate group of trusted personal advisors. After reading more on this subject I found several guidelines for forming a successful Personal Board of Directors. Your PBOD should be made up of about 4 people. You should choose people whose unbiased judgment you value and do not have a stake in your success. Boards like this are crucial when you’re making important decisions, about whether to change jobs, how to deal with unhealthy relationships, goal setting, or when you feel you’re emotionally stuck. To assemble this group of trusted advisors you will need to think about calling on the following types of people:

The Networker: A respected member of your community who has the ability to connect you with key people of interest to you.

The Experienced Mentor: A person you highly respect for their decision making skills, and who may have previously traveled down a similar life path.

The Sounding Board: Someone who has excellent listening skills, is empathetic, and will allow you to rant when necessary to clear your mind so you can focus on what is truly important.

The Honest Abe: Someone who you can count on to tell you exactly like it is and holds you accountable to achieving your goals.

Forming a network of trusted individuals can create a clear lens through which you see yourself and provide solid direction on decision making. So I ask you? Who is on your PBOD?

By: Jenée Mendillo                                                                                                                  Community Education Coordinator