Hillsborough County Advice for Senior Care: 3 Tips for Baby Boomers

If you are one of the 76 million people born in the US between 1946 and 1964 you’re a baby boomer and make up a vital part of our country. Each day 10,000 baby boomers turn 65, the age when most begin to think about retirement. However, as the landscape of our country has changed, many factors have contributed to boomers being required to work longer. One of greatest contributing factors is the increased average life expectancy. It is now typical for people to live well into their 80’s if not 90’s where as in the 1950’s people were only expected to live into their 70’s. So now, unlike their parent’s, baby boomers are becoming responsible for caring for their parents much later into their own golden years.

Here are 3 tips for baby boomers who are now entering the role of caring for their aging parents.

  1. Keep your own goals in mind- You may have been comfortably settling in to being an empty nester, ready to begin checking items off of your bucket list when you suddenly had to change your focus to become are caregiver for one or both of your parents. Although you will need to make adjustments as you transition into this new role, it is important that you keep your personal and financial goals in mind to ensure that your life is not de-railed as a result of your new found duties.
  2. Enlist the help of a professional- If you are still working full time while trying to juggle caring for your aging parents you may want to consider enlisting the help of a Geriatric Care Manager. If you are having difficulties determining exactly what care setting is most suitable for your parent’s, or if you are struggling to have an honest conversation with your parent’s about their care needs a Care Manager can help. These trained professionals are skilled at bridging the gap between community resources, family members and the wishes of the senior.
  3. Get support- Baby boomers are known for cherishing community. Now that you have transitioned into a new role take the time to connect with others in a support group. Having the support of others who can relate to your stress, frustrations, and fears can help to make your caregiving experience a positive one.

For additional resources and information on caring for your aging parents visit www.bayshorehomecare.com.