3 Keys to Aging Independently



When you or your loved one enters the golden years it’s time to begin to prepare for the changes that lie ahead. Some of these changes will be easy to adapt to but others will take some getting used to. In either case, having a plan is crucial to a successful transition.


1. Cover the Essentials

This involves the day to day tasks necessary to remaining in your home environment. You will want to consider how you will make meals or go to the grocery store in the event that you are unable to drive or cook for yourself. You will also want to think about what your plan is if you need assistance with personal care like bathing and getting dressed.

Another important area involves medication. As aging progresses you will likely need the assistance of prescription medications to manage your symptoms. How will you retrieve your medications from the pharmacy? Are you taking your medications compliantly? Do you need help making sure you are taking the appropriate medications and dosages at the correct times? Private duty home care is an excellent option for seniors who wish to remain in their own homes but require help to do so successfully. With in-home care services you can receive assistance from a Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, or Registered nurse. Utilizing private duty home care can help you preserve relationships with family and friends by taking the strain of caregiving off the table.  Additionally, these skilled professionals can recommend support services if necessary.

2. Prepare the Home

As you age, you will likely need to make changes to your home environment. Some of the most common accommodations that need to be made include: grab bars in the shower; removal of rugs; re-arranging kitchen cabinets, keeping heavy items at waste level; installing nightlights and installing ramps to make the home handicap accessible. There are many companies that offer Home Safety Assessments. Through the assessment, you will learn about the specific risks you face in your home as well as how to make accommodations to overcome them.

3. Gather Resources

The phrase “knowledge is power” holds true in the context of aging. As you begin to experience changes associated with aging begin arming yourself with information to make excellent decisions. It is especially important to seek out information and resources when: you have a change in your health condition or a new diagnosis. This will allow you to know what to expect and what others in your situation have found helpful. A great place to start is to join a local support group. You can also contact your states department of elder affairs.